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Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
11:11 pm
Oh mah gawd....

Testa Rossa ($38,000 fee)

Height - 16.2 hh Age - 2 yo Price - $800


($38,000 service fee) 2yo geld, 16.2hh broken in, turn out in paddock. Never been to track. Being sold without papers. Sound must sell. $800 ono

WTF, service fee? Service for what?!?!??! Where do I start, guys? The riders position? The crap photo? The fact he's doing this to a 2yr old? The fact the rider is using this poor baby's mouth to keep himself on his back? Freakin' hell. Poor horse....
Thursday, May 1st, 2008
1:54 am
 This girl can't handle a sweet little pinto, says she  needs to get rid of him. She reckons she has not time nor  money. Then she says is going to get this TB. Good lord.... gooooooood loooooooord.... How she worked it out in her mind that having one horse instead of another will be cheaper/less time consuming is beyond me. It's a THOROUGHBRED!!!! God, how many times have I heard how much work that particular breed needs to be at it's best!

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
2:12 am
why have kids if you hate them so much?

Very Quiet Geldings

Height - 14 hh Price - $2,500


2 Bay QH x, 14hh. Ridden by beginner children and adults. 4/5yo. Been trail riding, swimming, jumping. $2,500 each. Bundaberg, Qld.

1. 3 kids with no helmets, barefeet, no adults holding the horse.... seriously, WTF???
2. If that pony is 14hh, than the little girl must be a giant. He looks about 13hh to me, maybe
3. Plain brown, grade horse with a wonky neck and head too heavy for his body shape and you want $2.5k for him? Wow, the ppl of Bundaberg must be desperate for a horse to pay out cash like that for something that MIGHT fetch $1k in Victoria
4. He looks like a sweet little thing, but even I would think twoce about getting on him and I'm a short ass. 
5. 4 or 5 years old... you mean you don't know? How long have you been riding this horse?
6. Either that ground is sloped to hell or he is one very downhill little guy. So he's either shaped funny.. or he's still growing and shouldn't have riders on him.
People stress me out. Seriously.
Sunday, April 27th, 2008
9:00 am
Photoshopping doesn't solve the problem...

Show, Dressage

Height - 15.3 hh Age - 5 yo Price - $900


Kind 5yo mare, approx 15.3hh. Exceptional movement and conformation. Been to PC, sale due to. $900. Avoca, Vic.

Nice looking mare. Pity about the background. Someone please save this poor little mare from the horror of her living conditions: glass windows and frames, warped corrigated iron with razor sharp edges laying around, some sort of rusty metal stuff in front of her.... I would swear this was a meat works holdinig yard if I wasn't sure no business would allow it's yards to look like that.
8:54 am
Pony is nice, call Child Protection and an ambulance

"Mia" Grey Welsh Pony

Height - 12 hh Age - 4 yo Price - $1,000


Quiet, friendly nature, loves affection, hand rear app 12hh, green broken, 4yo, intelligent. $1,000 ono

Ok, this is not a bad looking little pony apart from the wonky chest... but how old you reckon that baby is? There's a bright idea for you, put your infant who doesn't even look at if he can sit up by himself on a GREEN BROKE pony!!! Holly heck.... That's alright, the ambulance that is going to treat the kid can also treat the severed toes from the guys feet (thongs around horses, great idea!) and the severed fingers on the woan (rope wrapped around your fingers, brillient!).
8:40 am
It Took Me 5mins

It took me probably less than about 3-4minutes to find the first contender. Here we have something that should have been gelded a year and a half ago!

Cremello Colt

Age - 2 yo Price - $1,000


Mat 13.1hh, 2yo, super quiet to handle, make fantastic kid's pony if gelded/broken, can be reg. $1,000. Ispwich, QLD

Good lord... ok I love the more unusual coloured horses, but not when you breed for colour alone! Of course, he's a colt. Folks, if you are advertising your pony for under a few grand, he should no way be a stallion. He's 2 years old, those balls should have been cut off about a year ago. Sure.... tie your 2 year old up to panels directly, with a rope halter none the less, that may explain the nasty gash on his leg. And let's just pretend those front pasterns are ar a good angle. And have a look at those back hooves!!! What's with that stance, is he camped-out of just straining to escape?  I'm not sure what is going on with those withers, and I think he looks this tired because he's trying to hold up that huge head on that poor thing little neck. And obviously the first thing you want in an environment like Australia is a cremello with pale pink skin. Looks like it;s too painful for this little fellow to even open his eyes in the bright sunlight. And yeahhe's quiet, maybe if you wormed him and gave him some decent nutrition he'd have a bit more energy. And I dunno, is that a bunch of rusty metal things near his front legs? Or some sort of noxious weeds. Of course he'd be from Ipswich. Let's see if the local fish and chip shop owner wants him.....
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