zzrmags (maggies_lens) wrote in inhonouroffugs,

why have kids if you hate them so much?

Very Quiet Geldings

Height - 14 hh Price - $2,500


2 Bay QH x, 14hh. Ridden by beginner children and adults. 4/5yo. Been trail riding, swimming, jumping. $2,500 each. Bundaberg, Qld.

1. 3 kids with no helmets, barefeet, no adults holding the horse.... seriously, WTF???
2. If that pony is 14hh, than the little girl must be a giant. He looks about 13hh to me, maybe
3. Plain brown, grade horse with a wonky neck and head too heavy for his body shape and you want $2.5k for him? Wow, the ppl of Bundaberg must be desperate for a horse to pay out cash like that for something that MIGHT fetch $1k in Victoria
4. He looks like a sweet little thing, but even I would think twoce about getting on him and I'm a short ass. 
5. 4 or 5 years old... you mean you don't know? How long have you been riding this horse?
6. Either that ground is sloped to hell or he is one very downhill little guy. So he's either shaped funny.. or he's still growing and shouldn't have riders on him.
People stress me out. Seriously.
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