zzrmags (maggies_lens) wrote in inhonouroffugs,

Pony is nice, call Child Protection and an ambulance

"Mia" Grey Welsh Pony

Height - 12 hh Age - 4 yo Price - $1,000


Quiet, friendly nature, loves affection, hand rear app 12hh, green broken, 4yo, intelligent. $1,000 ono

Ok, this is not a bad looking little pony apart from the wonky chest... but how old you reckon that baby is? There's a bright idea for you, put your infant who doesn't even look at if he can sit up by himself on a GREEN BROKE pony!!! Holly heck.... That's alright, the ambulance that is going to treat the kid can also treat the severed toes from the guys feet (thongs around horses, great idea!) and the severed fingers on the woan (rope wrapped around your fingers, brillient!).
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